Exchange USA

Most applications enter the automatic approval process and are completed in minutes. Any variation on that is really up to you- or if you hit us after hours or on a Sunday. An application that has incomplete information or one where you have not provided the LES will take as long as it takes you to get us your 411.

We work hard to provide you the finest in Military Financing, taking an extra minute to two to insure your details are correct give us what we need to serve you the best.

Our customer specialists will attempt to contact you immediately, during normal working hours of course! You can expect a call or email from one of our team to assist you in this process. After you've made product choices, the paperwork is emailed directly to you for completion. With a few exceptions, most products are shipped out the same day and in many cases will be on your door the next day.


Or Call (888) 621-9975