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Shop your favorite TV Brands. Home entertainment isn’t complete without a TV, and we have TV rentals with the features you want, from brands such as Samsung and Sony. Pick a 4K TV and experience high-definition picture quality and sound.

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    Get Pre-Approved in minutes thru our online application. No Credit Needed! You Qualify with your Job! Applying is a simple One-Step Process. Just submit an Application, and we will reply within the same day.

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    Whether you prefer streaming or playing back on DVR, you need a 4K Smart TV to watch all of your favorite shows! From Philips TVs, to LG TVs, to Samsung TVs, to Sony TVs, to Vizio TVs we carry the biggest brands in televisions.

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    We have one of the largest inventory of LED, LCD and Smart TV Rentals in US. Our LCD Monitors start at 17`` and go up to 65``. While our LED & Plasma TV's start at 37`` and go up to 103``

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Shop Rent to Own TV Rental Options

Home entertainment isn’t complete without a TV, and we have TV rentals with the features you want, from brands such as Samsung. Pick a 4K TV and experience high-definition picture quality and sound.

Choose a smart TV to enjoy instant web access and connectivity to some of your favorite online sites through preinstalled apps like Netflix® and Pandora®. Many of the televisions you’ll find at RAC fall into the category of HDTV, meaning the screen resolution is significantly higher than that of a standard TV set. With an HDTV, colors pop and details come to life, giving you an enhanced viewing experience. Lease to Own TV brands you have always wanted. TV Rentals Made Easy

Room Size and TV Placement

Before you choose a TV, you’ll need to consider the size of your room and where the television will be placed. Is it going into a living room or bedroom? Will it be on a TV stand, a fireplace TV stand, or in an entertainment center? Make sure to keep all of these in mind before you choose a television. Check out our TV buying guide for more information. We have an assortment of televisions to make sure you get the right size for your space. For a smaller and cozy room, there are 49’’ TVs, but when you’re upgrading the family room, we have televisions up to 86″.

The Latest Tech and Features

At Aaron’s, we carry TVs with the very latest technology so you can have the ultimate experience watching your favorite shows and movies. Upgrade your entertainment experience with a 4K UHD television or a Smart TV and stream binge-worthy sitcoms and new flicks just with the click of a button on your remote.

Top-Notch TV Bundles

Need additional TV accessories or electronics? We’ve got you covered. With our bundles, you can combine the perfect products with one monthly payment. Pair your television with a gaming console, TV stand, additional TV and more. At Aaron’s, we want to make sure you get exactly what you need.

Top Brand TVs

Televisions aren’t something that you want to replace often, so we’ve made sure that you have access to quality brands that last as long as possible. From LG, to Philips to Samsung, you’ll enjoy TV’s that offer the latest features at the best value.

Benefits of Leasing to Own Your Television

Renting to own a TV for your home is a great idea if you don’t have the best (or any) credit, don’t want to wait for layaway, or just don’t want to part with cash up front. We offer affordable lease to own plans with flexible payment options, so you can pay as you go. Plus, product service and repairs are included with your lease.


Choose from a wide range of rent to own TVs at My Exchange Stor We carry the flat screen TV’s that you are searching for such as LG, Samsung and Phillips. 

Rent to own the HD, Smart, or LED TV for less

Are you tired of watching your favorite shows on a TV that’s just too old or too small? Why not try rent to own televisions? When you shop at you pay for your TV over time in small amounts, instead of having to pay for it in full up front. Renting to own is the easiest way for you to get the TV you want today without draining your savings account.

Whether you’re shopping for a new big screen, flat screen, HD or Smart TV, we’ve got you covered. With our wide selection of TV’s, you’re sure to find something that fits your wants and your budget! We make sure to stock the top brand names in TV’s like LG, Samsung and Phillips in a variety of sizes ranging from 32” all the way to 65”.

Are you worried about your credit? When you shop at there is a soft credit check. That’s right; we don’t require a  full credit check so you can stop worrying about your credit. And we won’t ever charge hidden fees or excessive interest to your account.


Renting Televisions for Events

Event Technology Rentals is a #1 nationally recognized leader for digital displays and large screen TV rental for events. We pride ourselves in offering the latest 2020 HD, 4K LED and OLED TV rentals for presentations, training seminars and corporate events. Whether you need to rent a TV for a trade show booth or a meeting, we can help you find rental televisions that fit your specific project.


Short Term Television Rental

Businesses often rent flat screen TV by day or week for meetings & events. Renting TVs, Monitors, Displays, Laptops, Tablets and Computers by the day for trade shows usually ends up costing a lot more than if rented for the show’s entire duration. Our expertise with TV rental for events and user conferences will save you time and money. Also, our quotes are detailed, transparent, and contain no hidden costs. Compare our flat rate TV rental price to get the most cost-effective solution. Get a online quote now.

FAQ TV Rentals

Most often asked questions about TV for rent, relate to cost, availability, size of TV and delivery cost. These questions must be answered before you take the plunge to rent TV for the next event.

Rent to Own Brand Name TVs