Travel Now Pay Later -First time travelers get up to $5,000 to travel with VacationWiser

Obtaining a Vacation on Credit is not always easy. We help you achieve your Pay Later Vacation Financing. We also provide options for Book Now Pay Later Cruises on Credit. Whether you are seeking a Cruise Now Pay Later Vacation or a visit to an island or amusement park with your family, we have the Vacation Financing Credit Plans you need. We want to say YES… Complete the 3-Minute Application and begin your exciting journey

Book Now Pay Later- Get Pre-Approved
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    Join the Thousands of people who have discovered the easiest way to travel with stress free low payments to fit any budget. No Credit Needed.

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    We make it easy for you to pick a Payment Plan Vacation that fits your budget and pay for it later. Our Travel Now Pay Later Credit programs are designed to give people who don't have the cash or credit card limits to Finance a Vacation now, and take your Pay Later Vacation on Credit using customized Vacation Financing payment plans over a 12-month period. Learn more about our travel now pay later plans. No Credit? No Problem. Check with one of our travel agents today for financing and to book your vacation.

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    First time travelers get up to $5,000 to travel with VacationWiser. Travel to the Places You Love. Pay Over Time

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How It Works

travel now pay later no credit check

1. What is the Vacation Wiser by Luther Sales Program?

Vacationwiser by Luthersales, was created in order to provide the opportunity of travel to our valued customers through various methods that we offer, such as: the convenience of direct deposit, payroll allotment or other payment methods. Our program specializes in making vacations affordable to qualified customers through the convenience of voluntary direct deposits, payroll allotment or other payment methods. We are unique in the Travel Industry; our patrons are permitted to travel while still paying for their trip!  It is a wonderful alternative to paying for a vacation upfront and in full before travel can take place.

2. How does the Vacationwiser program work?

a) Click on the “Create Account” button located on the home page of our website. Fill in the required information and proceed to the “manage credit” section. Your application is housed in this area. Please complete it and send in a current pay statement along with your application.

Email to: [email protected]

Or fax to our Toll Free: 866-729-7882 (866-PAY-STUB)

b) Vacationwiser will review your submission.  Qualification depends upon your employment history, with a minimum of one year for government and affiliate employees, or three years with the same establishment for employees in the private sector.


c) A personal spending limit is established on your behalf upon your application’s approval.

d) You can shop for yourself by creating desired packages inclusive of but not limited to; airfare, car rental, hotel, and airport transfers via our website, or call and speak to one of the in-house Travel Consultants to find the ideal vacation that is customized to fit your budgetary needs.


e) Start your direct deposit, payroll allotment or other payment method based your spending limit. Your contributions must begin a minimum of 30 days ahead of your trip if it is a vacation that consists of a hotel or resort stay and 60 days if airline tickets or a cruise ship are involved.  Please note that airline tickets must be booked in conjunction with hotel accommodations and cannot be sold separately.


f) Enjoy your interest-free vacation with the convenience of paying for it over 12 months’ time.

3. Do I have to be a government employee to take advantage of’s exceptional offers?

Our program is available to anyone that receives a pay statement; however, it is subject to approval. Qualification depends upon your employment history, with a minimum of one year for government employees.

4. What kind of vacation opportunities will I see?

Vacation opportunities include but are not limited to; cruises, resorts, all-inclusive packages, tours, excursions, flights (with hotel accommodations), car rentals, hotel accommodations, and vacation homes. Customers can elect to travel to any tourism destination on any of the seven continents within their credit limit.

5. Do I need a Passport to book travel with

Domestic Travel for an American citizen within the United States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, does not require a passport. A government-issued I.D. such as a driver’s license is required at airports. For cruises that depart the United States, Passports are highly recommended, however, a government-issued I.D. accompanied by a copy of an original birth certificate with a raised seal is currently acceptable.  Please check with your local passport or visa office for requirements regarding international travel whether you are a citizen of the U.S. or not.

*For Travel Warnings and Passport Requirements:

6.  When am I eligible to book my trip?

• 30 days of direct deposits, payroll allotments or other payment methods must be received on vacations involving hotel/resort

stays plus activities and/or car prior to departing.


• 60 days of direct deposits, payroll allotments or other payment methods must be received prior to departure of all cruises or

vacations requiring airfare.


7. I’m ready to book my trip, what do I do next?

Once you have created your package, it will be sent to a Travel Specialist for review, the Travel Specialist will then contact you to discuss travel arrangements.

8. Is it Ok to pay more than my scheduled payment?

Yes, it is always okay to pay more than your scheduled payment. The contractually agreed upon payment is always based on the minimum required. The advantage of doing so will allow you to pay down your balance sooner than expected, which also frees you up to make plans for your next vacation!

9. Can I start paying into my account for future travel?

If you apply to our program but do not have dates or a destination in mind as yet, you do have the option of starting your direct deposit, payroll allotment or other payment method prior to booking a trip. This practice enables you to develop a credit balance that can be put toward future travel. It also allows for your trip to be solidified sooner, as there would be no waiting period for your initial payments to be received. All monies in your account are refundable to you prior to committing to an order.

 10. Are the travel dates flexible on vacations?

Before you commit to and sign your order form, travel dates and times are extremely flexible, a Travel Specialist will be happy to help you to plan your vacation. Upon committing to and signing your order form, you are locking in the travel dates selected.  This is the only way to secure your travel plans.  Any deviation from the dates on the order form will result in cancellation penalties or change fees. Cruises and the majority of economy airline tickets are non-refundable and subject to substantial change fees.  It is always in the traveler’s best interest to finalize their travel dates before committing to signing the contractual order form.

11. Is Travel Insurance available to me in order to protect my vacation investment?

Travel protection insurance is available. If you opt for travel protection insurance, everyone in your travel party must opt to accept, and purchase insurance.

12. Do the trips include tickets to attractions or sightseeing tours?

Generally, vacation packages do not automatically include tickets to attractions or sightseeing tours. However, most destinations will have optional activities available which can be purchased as add-ons to the vacation package.

13. What is the cancellation policy?

Vacations are non-refundable once contractually agreed upon. If you cancel your vacation or any part thereof, it is the customer’s responsibility to pay for any stated fees reflected on your signed order. All monies in our possession will be applied towards those stated fees.  Any additional monies on the account may be applied towards future travel credit with Credit must be used within 1 year of original cancellation date.

14. Can I take more than one vacation per year?

The term of your vacation loan is 12 months. You will not be eligible to add another trip until you are at a zero balance with the current vacation. Of course, you are free to accelerate your payments at any time with absolutely no prepayment penalties. The sooner you pay off, the sooner you can plan your next vacation.