Workplace Credit Up To $5000

When the unexpected happens, LutherSales can help. We serve federal government employees to get you access to credit when you need it during the holidays.
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Ten ways to make buy now pay later work for you. Whether you are a federal employee, school teacher or fire fighter, we are here for you. 

Pay over time could mean up to 36 months 

Some buy now pay later programs only offer 3-6 or 12-months’ time to pay, which can be hard to manage when buying big-ticket items like furniture and appliances.  LutherSales for example, offers up to 36 months to buy now pay later, which means more manageable monthly payments with no hidden fees. 

Buy Now Pay Later Programs Can Work Seamlessly with Your Busy Nursing Career 

Putting in long hours and working hard as a Nurse? Your dedication could get you up to $5,000 or more to buy the brand name products you want. That’s why buy now pay later through LutherSales is such a great option. 

LutherSales- the best kept secret in budget-friendly buy now pay later shopping since 1967.