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5 Reasons to Start Your Holiday Shopping Right Now

Starting earlier rather than later is one of the best ways to save money on holiday shopping. As we start moving into December, it’s a great idea to begin searching for gifts, as well as treats for yourself, right now.


There are obvious advantages, of course, like having more time to wrap and the freedom to choose from a wider selection of gifts. Aside from the obvious advantages, though, why should you put in the extra effort right away? Here are 5 reasons that can save you money, time, and the need to save:

1. You Can Avoid Price-Gouging

Price-gouging is one of the most frustrating parts about shopping for holiday presents. Have you ever found the perfect gift just before Christmas, only to be surprised that the price is 20% higher than it was a few weeks before?


That’s true even during Christmas sales. Typically, businesses will draw you in with the promise of rock-bottom prices on some cheaper products. They then try to hook you into paying more than you should for a higher-priced item. These are typically their best sellers or those which generated the most interest in the lead-up before the holiday season.


It’s true that during the busiest seasons of the year, companies actually price their items higher. As such, when it comes to the holiday season, it’s wise to start shopping in November or very early December, before the proper rush sets in. This gives you access to the most in-demand toys, gifts, and apparel, cheaper than even the weekly ad promising the “biggest sales of the year.”

2. It’s Easy to Avoid Last-Minute Procrastination

If you wait until the last minute to start holiday shopping, you have less time to think about the presents your friends and family will love. For example, the gifts you select with only three days to buy and receive them are typically lower-quality, less personalized, and more expensive.


Worst of all, you may run into shipping problems if you buy online. Most gifts around the holiday season should be purchased three or four weeks to make sure they arrive on time. That’s because shipping delays are frequent around the holidays, but especially in this day and age.


Last-minute procrastination can be the death of a great gift-giving season, so it’s important to start buying as early as you can. Black Friday can be a wise start to gift-giving – just make sure you don’t end up falling into the trap of price-gouging that can sometimes occur during the “best sales of the year.” You have more time to plan for and buy holiday presents this way.

3. There Are More Options

When you wait for your holiday shopping, you’re more likely to default to Amazon, Walmart, and any stores that are selling in your area. If you don’t get around to Christmas shopping until December 20, for example, you need to make sure you have your Christmas products in hand within the next five days. That can reduce the number of stores that you can shop at.


On the other hand, if you start Christmas shopping on or before December 1, you have 25 days, typically working out to around 19 or 20 business days, to both purchase and receive your products. This means that you have significantly more options available to you. When you start planning and purchasing earlier, you’ll be able to buy from stores that may take longer to ship.

4. Holiday Sales Often Aren’t as Good as It Seems

The holiday sales that pop up right before Christmas aren’t as good as they look. It’s true that the doorbusters right at the top of a weekly ad are going to be selling for significantly less than the actual purchase price. This means the company selling them won’t actually make a profit on the sale. However, the big-ticket items that you’re interested in getting might be suspiciously expensive.


For example, if you’re thinking about purchasing a big-ticket item like a TV, a Blu-ray player, or even a new gaming console, don’t wait until the last minute to get these items. The “holiday sales” that you’re waiting for may not ever discount the items that you’re actually interested in buying. Remember, these holiday sales are geared toward making companies more money, which means they’re trying to maximize their profits during these sales.

5. You Have More Options for Paying Over Time

If you’re looking at a Christmas present that needs to be paid off over time, it’s definitely smart to buy earlier rather than later. This gives you time to work up the funds and contribute it to your purchase gradually, instead of being left with a massive bill at the start of the expensive holiday season. This can also allow you to buy more presents; if you’re only able to commit to one product at a time, start purchasing your big-ticket presents early on.


Likewise, early shopping makes it simpler to find a discount through the payment partner you choose. With My Exchange Store, for example, you can get up to $5,000 store credit when you apply through My Exchange Store also offers specials during different weeks, meaning you can receive a special discount on your purchase if you browse through it in the months leading up to December.


Whether you’re choosing a Black Friday discount or you’re holiday shopping all through December, My Exchange Store can help you buy your products.


If you can, start holiday shopping as early as possible. Some people go further and start holiday shopping in the summertime or even right after Christmas, raking in the post-holiday sales. You don’t need to do that, however. Just make sure you’re not holiday shopping as late as the week of Christmas.


Doing so will help you avoid price gouging and ensure you get the presents you’re actually looking for. Plus, with the help of My Exchange Store, you can make even big-ticket purchases cost-effective, giving your loved ones the presents they’ll remember for decades.


Start your holiday shopping today, so that you can get the best gifts at the best price.